We have been made aware that there has been a letter in the form of an order from the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (the “MoE”) instructing public schools, colleges, educational institutions and other institutions under the MoE on the proper use of the national anthem and national flag.

The order stated that the national anthem was to be played at national events only and that in case of functions that are not of a national nature then the relevant institution(s) would have to obtain a permit and/or permission from the Minister of Home Affairs in order to play the national anthem at such an event. Furthermore, the colours of the national flag were highlighted to be green, gold, black and blue, the use of the colour yellow was deemed as being incorrect.

President John Magufuli rescinded the above mentioned order and stated that the public should be left free to use the national anthem and national flag at all functions provided that they use them respectfully and that restricting the uses of the national anthem and national flag was not good for patriotism.

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