The Temeke Municipal Council has issued a public notice at the end of December 2018 to inform the public that, from 1 February 2019 there will be a requirement to obtain a permit and pay a levy for conducting social events within the Temeke District. Such events being, but not limited to:

  1. Playing of music at any venue, bar, pub or establishment;
  2. Wedding ceremonies;
  3. Initiation rites which include dancing and music;
  4. Birthday parties;
  5. Send off parties; and
  6. Any other related activities and/or events.

The levy payable is Tanzania Shillings fifty thousand (TZS 50,000/=) per event per occurrence. We have been informed that the person requesting the permit must do so through the Municipal Council which will direct them to pay, by depositing the relevant amount, into the Municipal Council’s bank account. Thereafter, the Municipal Council, through its culture department office, will issue/grant a permit for the event.

We have been made to understand that any person who conducts an event without having a valid permit shall be liable to a fine of between Tanzania Shillings two hundred thousand (TZS 200,000/=) up to Tanzania Shillings one million (TZS 1,000,000/=) per contravention.

If you have any questions regarding this legal update, please contact Amish Shah by email on