The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (“BRELA”) has issued a deadline stating that all companies that were registered before 1 February 2018 when the ORS was introduced, should update their information under the new ORS at BRELA within six (6) months from the date ORS was introduced.

All company directors, the company secretary and all shareholders are required to have the following information available in order to be able to complete the updating process:

Tanzanian directors, the company secretary and all shareholders information required:

  1. National Identification Card Number (NIDA);
  2. Email address and mobile number; and
  3. Full residential address (region, district, ward, block, house number).

Foreign directors, foreign company secretary and foreign shareholders information required:

  1. Passport copy;
  2. Email address and mobile number; and
  3. Residential address from the country of origin.

Details of the Company required:

  1. Company Incorporation Number;
  2. Accounting date;
  3. Full physical registered office address (region, district, ward);
  4. Office telephone number; and
  5. Company TIN number.

Companies that will not comply within six (6) months will be blocked from accessing some services in the ORS such as increasing capital investment, change in particulars, or change of registered address.

Please note that currently the ORS does not allow updating of information of a director above the age of seventy (70) years and a shareholder below the age of eighteen (18) years but we have been informed that the BRELA is working to remove the limitations from their system as it is not prohibited under the law.
If you have any questions regarding this legal alert, please contact Amish Shah  or Susan Mpangile