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Ban on Use of Plastic Carrier Bags

Ban on Use of Plastic Carrier Bags

Created: 24 May 2019  / Categories: Update

The Prime Minister in April 2019 during the parliamentary session issued an announcement that with effect from 1 June 2019 all plastic carrier bags will be banned in Mainland Tanzania. The

Guidance for Re-stamping of Excisable Goods

Created: 10 May 2019  / Categories: Tax

Following our update on 20 April 2019 wherein it stated that 30 April 2019 was the deadline for selling and holding stocks of excisable products affixed with non-electronic tax stamps

Local Content Performance Report for Mineral Right Holders for the Year Ended on 31 December 2018

Created: 21 Apr 2019  / Categories: Update

The Mining Commission (the “Commission”) issued a public announcement on 08 April 2019 (the “Announcement”) informing all mineral right holders holding Prospecting Licence(s); Processing ...

Deadline for Selling and Holding Stock of Products Without Electronic Tax Stamps

Created: 20 Apr 2019  / Categories: Tax

Further to our update on 05 January 2019 in respect of the effective date for the use of electronic tax stamps (“ETS”) being 15 January 2019 as introduced by the

Exclusive Mandate of the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation

Created: 11 Mar 2019  / Categories: Update

The Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (“TASAC”) was established under the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Act, 2017 (“TASA”) as a maritime authority to regulate ports, shipping services, ...

Fees for Advertisements

Created: 11 Mar 2019  / Categories: Update

The Finance Act 2017 has mandated the Tanzania Revenue Authority (the “TRA”) with the obligation to evaluate, assess, collect and account for fees for all advertisements. Such obligation ...

Review of Production Sharing Agreements

Created: 28 Feb 2019  / Categories: Update

The Government of Tanzania (the “Government”) is reviewing Production Sharing Agreements (“PSAs”) entered into with the view of renegotiating terms of existing contracts where they are deemed to ...

Permit for Conducting Social Events Within Temeke District

Created: 28 Feb 2019  / Categories: Update

The Temeke Municipal Council has issued a public notice at the end of December 2018 to inform the public that, from 1 February 2019 there will be a requirement to

Partnership with Afriwise

Created: 24 Jan 2019  / Categories: Update

We’re always happy to play our part in positive initiatives, but the Afriwise platform is on another level. This online platform provides instant answers to critical legal and business questions ...

Effective Date for the Use of Electronic Tax Stamps

Created: 05 Jan 2019  / Categories: Update

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (the “TRA”) has issued a public notice in respect of the commencement of the use of Electronic Tax Stamps (“ETS”). The notice informs the public that