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Tanzania Revenue Authority

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Communication Between the Tanzania Revenue Authority and Taxpayers Representatives

Created: 03 Jan 2020

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (the “TRA”) has issued a public notice (the “Notice”) on the mode of communication between taxpayers and the TRA in respect of tax matters. The Notice

Guidance for Re-stamping of Excisable Goods

Created: 10 May 2019

Following our update on 20 April 2019 wherein it stated that 30 April 2019 was the deadline for selling and holding stocks of excisable products affixed with non-electronic tax stamps

Deadline for Selling and Holding Stock of Products Without Electronic Tax Stamps

Created: 20 Apr 2019

Further to our update on 05 January 2019 in respect of the effective date for the use of electronic tax stamps (“ETS”) being 15 January 2019 as introduced by the