Telecommunications, Media and Technology

This sector is primarily dominated by cross-border investments into Tanzania although we are beginning to see some outwards investments by clients into these sectors on a cross-border basis. The Tanzanian landscape is changing in this sector very rapidly to try and keep abreast with global changes in the telecommunications, media, technology and online content space. There are a number of laws and regulations being passed in order to try to play catch up with these local and global changes and challenges which are very often complex and not very clear and pose significant challenges to business and regulators alike. Our team has an in-depth understanding and experience including having local knowledge of the nuances in the market in respect of this sector and we work very closely with our clients to ensure they are complaint from a regulatory perspective and provide practical industry focused business driven advice in the absence of decided law on various aspects of this sector.

We are also seeing digitization in all sectors both private and public including in traditional industry and business sectors and in all government sectors. This means that our team has to assist our clients with advice on how to model their business structures and revenue streams within the legal framework. We advise our clients on optimum legal structures in this space, what models to adopt, dealing with ever changing legislation which has a tendency to make certain business and legal structures obsolete immediately upon coming into force and to see how to keep clients businesses and core businesses operating in this context.

Our team has experience and offer a complete range of legal services in this sector which include flotations and corporate finance, intellectual property and patent rights and protections, regulatory approvals and licensing, data protection and privacy, locating sites and assisting with site acquisition for data centers and both social and commercial online platforms, content and application development agreements and arrangements.