Private Wealth & Estate Planning

We advise on and provide assistance to our clients’ complete wealth structuring needs which includes but is not limited to governance, charitable and philanthropic giving, private wealth, probate and estate administration. We work towards creating legal structures that ensure they are CRS and tax compliant by working in conjunction with financial and tax consultants both locally and internationally. Our team looks at the entirety of the clients’ wealth, assets and needs in order to come up with a solution and structure that works for the duration and/or perpetuity as required by the client. Our services involve the creation of onshore and offshore structures for wealth and asset management to protect the clients’ long term interests and to provide ongoing advice in respect of such structures and look at asset diversification, de-risking and growth of such assets and wealth.

We work on a trusted advisor basis with our clients to ensure that we assist them with their structuring needs so that their wealth and assets are protected for future generations whilst allowing the structures set up to address changing circumstances presently and in the future by providing innovative and comprehensive solutions that work in the Tanzanian market or elsewhere for their specific needs in this area and we also provide advice on charitable and philanthropic needs of our clients in terms of advising on options of giving funding for such causes. Our focus is to provide guidance and legal advice best fit for the clients’ business needs and future planning.