Family Business/Organisation Set up and Structuring

Our team works very closely with new and old family businesses, ultra-high net worth families, family offices and entrepreneurs in conjunction with onshore and offshore business, financial and tax advisory firms to provide the guidance and structuring needs of our clients which may include drafting and sitting with families on family constitutions, trust set ups and requirements of family members and future beneficiaries, governance and matrix of authorities for such business, preserving, growing and transferring wealth among family members and mediation and arbitration for family and business disputes. Our model is to take each client and provide them a specific and bespoke solution for their entire needs and we are very often called to work with the principals of a family business/organisation to guide them in addressing all of their needs which could be structuring, succession planning and future needs and human resource capabilities, putting in place professional structures for their specific family business needs as well as offshore family and business needs.

Our team is also very well versed in advising on the nuances between the family business side of things and the personal lives of family members within and outside the businesses and how it affects the overall structure of the family business and the individual family members, family reputation, mission and vision and all other aspects of ensuring that a family business/organisation meets the original vision of the creators of the business and the future needs of the family members and beneficiaries of the business. We work on a close personal and individual basis to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality for our clients’ needs and requirements and are considered trusted advisors to them in respect of this practice area.