We primarily deal with educational institutions in the private sector and our team has significant experience in this sector which involves providing clients with guidance on the day to day application of legislation and how the relevant ministries, municipal and local government authorities and the statutorily established non-governmental school board are dealing with such institutions on a practical level as well as assisting them with regulatory compliance. We also assist our clients with developing and drafting various policies and handbooks for students and faculty as well as restructuring such institutions from a corporate perspective. We also advise our clients on the optimum structure from a shareholder or member perspective but also from a liability perspective and also provide guidance on internal and external disputes and are often asked to have oversight over matters that are being handled in courts or tribunals.

We work with some of the largest private educational institutions in Tanzania and work with them on a trusted advisor basis and provide dedicated lawyers who manage all of the institutions legal, corporate, commercial and compliance requirements. Our team also advises on cross border social and non-governmental joint ventures, private equity acquisitions or partial acquisitions in this sector and also advice on social enterprise basis in this sector both for profit and not for profit institutions.